Looking Back on The Research Report Show Season 1

The Research Report Show

The Research Report Show

The Launch

The Research Report Show podcast was officially launched on our Varsity Podcasts platform on 14th March 2017. As indicated in The Varsity Podcasts Story, we had experienced some delays and could not launch in late 2016 so finally going live was a particularly special moment for us.


The Nitty-gritty

We released one episode a week over the 12 weeks that followed the launch, with episodes covering a range of research topics such as the Use of Stokvels in South Africa, Energy Poverty in South Africa and Human Settlement in South Africa, to mention all but a few. The researchers we interviewed were drawn from various universities in South Africa, namely the University of the Free State, Vega School of Branding (Cape Town) and University of Cape Town. They were all pursuing postgraduate research – some studying at Honours level and others at Masters level. With regards to listenership, the total cumulative listenership across the various distribution channels ranged from 50 plays – 700 plays per episode.

Below is a list of the season 1 episodes (titles and corresponding links):


Whats Next?

Now that The Research Report Show Season 1 is done, what is next you may ask? The Research Report Show Season 2! We are currently planning and beginning production of Season 2, which we plan on releasing during the second half of this year. What is particularly exciting is that there are some partnerships we are exploring that may result in access to a wider pool of postgraduate students to interview as well as additional distribution channels. Also, we have started to plan more deliberately about our social impact as Varsity Podcasts and will make the relevant announcements once our plans/programmes are set in stone. Suffice to say, we are positioning ourselves such that each show on our platform will have a social impact aspect targeted at university students from families with a low socio-economic status.

Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to everyone who was involved with The Research Report Show Season 1, especially the interviewees and the listeners. You will be hearing from us soon, well, when The Research Report Season 2 launches that is! Until then, subscribe on our website and watch our Facebook / Instagram pages for updates.


Julian & Tinashe